Walk For Syrian Refugees

On Saturday September 24, Pan Valley Institute of American Friends Service Committee participated along with many members of the Central Valley community representing different non-profit organizations, churches, masjids, and temples in a two-mile walk to raise awareness and show support … Continue reading

Fresno State Production of the Hands Up Testaments

  On October 02, 2016 I attend the showing of Dr. Thomas Ellis’ production of Hands Up at Fresno State. The production consists of 7 testaments written by 7 writers, inspired by the death of Michael Brown, who was shot multiple times … Continue reading

Memoirs from The Ejido

I can remember as if it was yesterday that I ran through the streets of the small Ejido, the place I called home for many years, eleven to be exact.  My first memories birthed in this small village, I can still smell the wet hills after the rain, the home of the bakery man as I walked by on my way to school.  I can still hear the heavy accent in my teacher’s voice as she attempted to teach us how to say “Buenos Dias” in English.  She had big dreams, indeed.  Most importantly, I can still feel the passion of my community running through me. Continue reading

AFSC Fellowship Experience

It has been two months since I started the fellowship at the Pan Valley Institute and so far it has been a great experience! I enjoy working with the staff here and learning form them.  In these two months I have been able to learn about the amazing work that the Pan Valley Institute of the American Friends Service Committee does and the impact that it has in the community.

I have been learning about Proyecto Campesino; its beginning, its evolution and its ending.  I am truly convinced that the work of AFSC-whether it be through Proyecto or the Pan Valley Institute, or any of its national programs- has a tremendous impact in our communities.

In the coming months I plan to work in the Tulare County area visiting with indigenous communities living in the area and generating a dialogue about life in the Tulare county.  I will also seek to understand how these communities organize and if there are needs that are not being addressed by local organizations.