MAI Call for Submissions (volume 2)

Thanks to all who picked up or downloaded a copy of MAI volume 1 commemorating Women’s Month.

MAI – a zine on Southeast Asian America volume 2 will be accepting submissions throughout the month of April and May, 2017.

THEMES: focus on the lives of Southeast Asian Americans with the stories of places, diaspora, heritage, assimilation, loss, redemption, success, and growing up in Southeast Asian America.

DEADLINE: May 20, 2017

POETRY: up to 3 poems
FICTION & NONFICTION: up to 1,200 words count
VISUAL ARTS: up to 3 pieces (photographs, drawing, etc.)
COMICS: up to 2 pages



MAI is a free publication for the public. MAI will only charge a small fee for print and shipping if you cannot pick up a print copy from our events or office. MAI is a project of the Tamejavi Cultural and Organizing Fellowship Program (TCOFP), a program of Pan Valley Institute (PVI). Our parent organization is American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

MAI cannot be reproduced by anyone without permission from our Pan Valley Institute.

Contributors to MAI will not be monetary compensated. Contributors will receive a print copy of MAI at no cost to them.

All work submitted to MAI must be original from the contributor. Contributors must have the right to republish their work if it has previously been published. Please note in your submission if you have previously published your work elsewhere.

Email See Xiong at

See MAI volume 1 at

MAI vol 2 flyer

One thought on “MAI Call for Submissions (volume 2)

  1. This is great See, Mai vol. 1 was amazing. Looking forward to vol. 2 this is a great platform to get our stories out there!

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