Walk For Syrian Refugees

On Saturday September 24, Pan Valley Institute of American Friends Service Committee participated along with many members of the Central Valley community representing different non-profit organizations, churches, masjids, and temples in a two-mile walk to raise awareness and show support for Syrian refugees. The participants started at the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno (ICCF) and walked to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno and led by a Syrian refugee family recently resettled in Fresno. The walk included speakers and a traditional Mediterranean breakfast at the ICCF. The Central Valley Physicians for Humanitarian Aid (CVPHA) organized the event in collaboration with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). Donations collected supported the effort of SAMS to help the Syrian families in Syria.

The reason we organized the event ,because we want to support the Syrian Civilians that suffered during the war, they lost their families, homes, dreams, and the feeling of safety and secure, we want as Fresnoans help them and provide them with what they need, our goals is reaching out local Syrian families that have been resettled in Fresno the last few months and also reaching out the Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

The Syrian civil war is ongoing war multi-sided armed conflict in Syria, it started in 2011, it part of the Arab spring in the Middle East .

The war has created the worst humanitarian crises around the world.

Many families fled to the neighbor countries like, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, this became an overwhelming situation to those communities, and causes a cultural tension between Syrian people and the native people of each hosting country.

The UNHCR (the united nations refugee agency ), arranged with countries around the world, like united states, Australia, Canada,and Europe to resettle the Syrian refugees and helping them build their new lives there .

I grew up in Palestine, I have great memories to the Syrian people, and after immigrated here to the USA, as a Muslim, and as a community member I want to provide the Syrian families support, and connect them to the resources and services they needed .


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One thought on “Walk For Syrian Refugees

  1. It was nice to see so many people. I wish I wasn’t so busy so I could have walked the whole mile with you all. 😦

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