And then there was Hope?

Jovenes Oaxaqueños Sostienen pancartas en apoyo a Oaxaca

Madera CA, Jovenes Oaxaqueños Sostienen pancartas en Apoyo a Oaxaca

It was well said by Dr. Martin Luther King more than 50 years ago, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  Yet, in today’s world everyday we see people looking at hate as the answer.  As I was writing this blog, eleven police officers were shot in Dallas five died, also 84 people died in an attack in Niece Paris, and the African american community is mourning Alton Sterling and  Philando Castile who were shot and killed by law enforcement.  This is not to mention the hundredths of people that die every single day around the world at the hands of hate. Its almost hard to believe all the violence that is going on around us and its even harder to know that its not getting better.  This in no means is written to attack or point out any specific group,  as it is we have plenty of finger pointing to go around.  This was written as a mere channel of expression and a call to peace for whoever happens to come across this.

Today, I remembered a frase that an old professor used to tell me, “la verdadera virtud de una persona es ver atraves de todas las capas hasta la essencia de la otra.” It truly speaks to me of getting past religion, race, skin color, gender, and sex to treating people for who they are beyond that.  Its easy to feel hopeless in the climate today as the rhetoric that immigrants are bad, that people are illegal, that Muslims are terrorists, and that one certain individual will make “america great again.”  This certainly seems the rhetoric used in America’s mots embarrassing moments in history,  either way I assume that in this case “great” is subjective to your skin color.  Going back to the phrase that my teacher would say to me when my meztizo classmates  would make fun of me for being a Oaxaquita, she would add that it wasn’t them who I had to worry about, it was me that mattered.  It was how I let their name calling affect me, how I had to be responsible for defining who I am and not them, never them.  I have to admit that I failed at that task for all of my childhood, and in all honesty most of my teenage years, until I gained a sense of identity and in a way rebelled against what other people thought.  This goes back to my original point that the climate we live in today is shinning a light on all people that we must define ourselves.  That a street shouldnt be dangerous depending on your skin color, that la educacion no se debe pagar con la vida,  that our worth isnt contigent upon whether homeland security issues us a signed piece of paper, and that people are not illegal, actions are.

Last month, I participated in a vigil  in Madera for the happenings in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Oaxaqueños like myself gathered at the Courthouse park as a way of coping with our frustration and pain for what is happening to our people back in our home state.  At the vigil we made posters and voiced chants, we also had an open mic for people to speak their minds,  I for my part wrote a letter, a letter calling to peace not only around the world but also withing ourselves.  In this letter expressed my concern for the happenings around the world and my hopefulness of a better world.  It was a call to action for people to stop trying to drive out hate with hate and to come together.

Lastly, I am going to end this post just like I started it, with a quote “you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.”- Michelle Obama


Un Llamado A La Paz/ A Call To Peace

Nos embarga un sentimineto de frustacion por solamente poder mostrar nuestra solidaridad a distancia. Es por esto que hemso abierto este espacio, para hacer nuestars voces escuchar, para consolar nuestro dolor y con las esperanza de qe estos hechos nos motiven a la accion.
Quiziera empezar esta carta con una frase que tal vez ya hayan escuchado antes, “El Respeto al Derecho Ajeno es la Paz,” – Benito Juárez. Hoy en día nos hemos acostumbrado a que pedir paz es algo inalcanzable o como se dice comunmente es como esperar a que un árbol de peras nos de manzanas. Pedir paz se ha vuelto una ilusion, porque nos acostumbraron que para tener paz har que estar en guerra constantemente. Sin embargo, ya es tiempo de que eso cambie.

Hoy hacemos un llamado de Paz porque nada justifica la violencia, la matanza de nuestra gente, y la violación a nuestros derechos humanos civiles. Este llamado de paz es por las victimas del estado, del terrorismo, de la falta de respeto a la vida. Este llamado es por el mundo entero que día a día se torna más violento. Este llamado es por Oaxaca y sus maestros, estudiantes, y su gente. Por Ayotzinapa, por los 43 desparecidos desde el 2014. Esta manifestación de paz es tambien por el pesar por las víctimas de los ataques terrorista de París y los 89 muertos el 13 de noviembre del 2105. También cabe recordar los ataques en Syria, Pakistán, Palestina y a todos nuestros hermanos y hermanas en el Medio Este que viven en un estado de guerra constante. Que han sido desplazados de sus tierras y quienes ahora aquellos que provocaron las guerras y destruyerosn sus paises se niegan a darles refugio. Por último, Los últimos sucesos en Orlando Florida el 12 de junio del 2016 donde murieron 49 víctimas del odio.
En esta ocasión recordamos estos tragicos eventos pero no para traer un mensaje de que todo está perdió, estamos haciendo este llamado de paz para recordar que todavía podemos hacer algo, para mostrar apoyo a Oaxaca, a las comunidades que sufren y para crear conciencia de que el camino hacia la paz comienza con cada uno de nosotros tomando acción. Estamos aquí para recordar que en nuestras manso esta el destino de nuestros pueblos. La historia ha mostrado que lso cambios sociales se han logrado cuando la gente se une y se organiza para cambiar el rumbo de sus destinos. No podemso continuar siendo indiferentes ante tanta violencia. La paz es posible y juntos la podemso alcanzar.

Comunidad Oaxaqueña en Madera CA

Comunidad Oaxaqueña en Madera CA


David Martinez from the Triqui Community in support of Teachers in Oaxaca


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