Nominate an Emerging Immigrant Leader to Become a Cultural Organizer

Do you know an emerging grassroots leader representing a Central Valley immigrant community, who is rooted in the community, is interested in mobilizing and engaging people in creative endeavors and is open to learning strategies for activating the power of culture and art for bringing social change? If so, we invite you to nominate him /her to be a fellow for the Tamejavi Cultural Organizing Fellowship Program (TCOFP) by May 27, 2016.

Selected candidates will form part of a cohort of 4 fellows. Among other opportunities this cohort of fellows will work together with staff and the coordinating group in planning and executing a new phase of the TCOFP. They will accompany one another when organizing their communities. Fellows will support the cultural groups that emerged from the last two TCOFP cohorts. In addition, Fellows will continue building local alliances and advocating for social change in the conditions that most affect immigrant communities.  As in the past, the third TCOFP cycle will culminate with each fellow presenting a story-base public event for the Tamejavi Culture and Art Series. Fellows will collaborate, learn and support each other while organizing their events. Fellows will receive a $20,000 stipend for the 18-month duration of the program, investing 17 hours a week in the program.

To find out more about the TCOFP, please visit our website at or contact the AFSC Pan-Valley Institute at (559) 222-7678.

This program is possible thanks to the generosity of the James Irvine Foundation.

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