Before Borders; The World Was One

What we are living now is not progress in a positive sense. There was a time when  we had one world, one human race, a time we had respect for life and nature.  Now we are divided into a first world and a so called “third world”  now we are not happy with just being human but rather we are separate from one another by any means possible; color, gender, age, sex, religion, physical appearance, sexual preferences, race.  We wanted to separate ourselves so much that we went to the extent to divide the world in too many pieces as if it belonged to us.  We split and took ownership of land.  Land, water, fire, air, all belong to mother earth and we are nothing more than guests here but that seems to have been forgotten.

Some might think, wait, is this yet another post about equality? Because I have read so many and I already know that we are all equal, etc etc,.  Indeed, this is yet another post about equality and embracing one another as humans.  Because the truth is we just don’t seem to come to terms.  The headlines this morning on the New York Times and The Washington Post were: Mali Hotel Attack Leaves Dozens Dead; Hostages Are Taken, and ‘Rabid’ dogs and closing mosques: GOP takes harder line on Muslims, respectively.  Most people will say this is not new, as there are so many misconception about Muslims. Some people feel their problem and that there are always in conflict  each other. As it has happen with other communities of color like Mexicans and now Muslims there is a general sentiment that what we deserve what we get and our problems belong are just our problems and not problems that impact entire communities.  These are the type of sentiments  and misconceptions that divided and created so many conflicts in the first place. This is what is wrong with the world.  Last year we just experience the consequences of this generalizations some people believe that because one Mexican is corrupted, we deserved the Ayotzinapa’s 43 missing. Many communities have been victims of these misconceptions. these misconceptions and been utilize to justify  sending Jews to concentration  camps, colonizing my indigenous people and many other human atrocities.  Where all this will this take us? How far would take for us to realize that we are wrong?  These past weeks have been devastating for humanity all together.

And now this, on Thursday, the U.S House passed HR 4038, a bill that would effectively shut the door on Syrian and Iraqi refugees.   A statement put out by the American Friends Service committee reads “The attacks in Paris present an opportunity for all of us to come together to build stronger communities. Punishing Syrian refugees for the violence of a few will not make the U.S any safer. It shows a severe lack of leadership on the part of the members of the House who voted in favor of this bill, using this moment in service of fear and nativism.”  I cannot agree more with this.  Also, the AFSC as a Quaker organization with nearly a century of peace-building work across the world, including in the Middle East. Knows that this legislation is not likely to make any group safer. Instead, it will close the door on refugees when they are most in need and fleeing extreme violence and insecurity.  The reality is that we are in a crisis and policies being put in place are not helping the situation.

Until we realize that no human being is illegal, this world will continue to suffer.  Until we understand that we cannot judge an entire  group of people based on the behaviors of a few, we will not be in at peace and secure.  The Syrian families; children, mothers, and fathers cannot wait for us to realize that responding to violence with violence is not the solution.  The need is now, and we must act on this for our brothers ans sisters suffering around the world.


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