Salvadoran Celebration In Fresno

The TAMEJAVI Culture and Art Series created a space for the Salvadoran community to gather and celebrate their culture while teaching others about the human side of migration. On August 22, 2015, over 400 people gather to learn and celebrate the Salvadoran culture such as music from the golden musical era, theater skits, poetry, folkloric dances, and of course pupusas! This was an event never seen in Fresno or any otter part in California Central Valley for the simply reason that the Salvadoran Community has never gather like this before in this region. Moreover, displays with the map of El Salvador history, and, art showed the origens of the Salvadoran people, and the traditional food delighted everyone. At the end of the event Salvadorans and non-Salvadorans were happy to have witnessed such an event that took place in collaboration with the Pan Valley Institute, the Tamejavi Fellows, the volunteers and all the Salvadoran Learning group members. This event took many hours of preparation, its production engaged children, youth, and adults, as well as different generations of Salvadorans and non-Salvadorans friends that donated their time to make it possible. We also thank you the James Irvine Foundation for supporting projects like the Tamejavi Cultural Organzing Fellowship Program.

Picture by Eduardo Stanley

Picture by Eduardo Stanley

Picture By Eduardo Stanley

Picture By Eduardo Stanley

Picture by Eduardo Stanley

Picture by Eduardo Stanley

One thought on “Salvadoran Celebration In Fresno

  1. I missed this event but I am so glad to hear that the Salvadorean community is organizing and coming together here in the central valley! Congratulations to the Salvadorean community, I look forward to hearing more about your work in the community and more Pupusas!

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