3 thoughts on “Presentation of “An Zapoteco Immigrant Story of One, Reality of All”

  1. The theatrical performance from the Zapoteco youth in Madera was amazing! It was my first time being in Madera and seeing so many people from the Zapoteco community. As I was watching the play it made me remember all of the struggles that my family had to go through to immigrate to the United States in search of a better. The play and community was simply amazing.

  2. Congratulations Brenda and also to your group!

    I really enjoyed working with you, seeing your dedication for sharing the story of Felipe and Elena, a story many immigrant families can relate to. Your story addresses key life experiences families go through when one or more members are force to make the decision to migrate to El Norte. All the negotiations that need to happen, the family separations pains, not to mention the life threatening circumstances immigrants face in their journey.

    Looking forward to having the opportunity of continuing collaborating.

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