TCOFP Upcoming Events

TCOFP Upcoming Events

July 10, 2014: One-on-one Blog Training
Location: PVI
Time: 2:30-6:00pm
Note: Not mandatory for everyone. This training is for those fellows who missed the training at the gathering and those who feel need a one-on-one.

July 12, 2014: Community Assessment & Cultural Inventory Check in Meeting
Location: Pan Valley Institute
Time: 9:00am
Note: This meeting is a mandatory meeting to check on your cultural assessment and cultural inventory progress and provide you with more tools.

July 26, 2014: Tentative day for Cultural Kitchen
Location: Livingston, CA
Time: TBA
Note: Not mandatory but everyone is encouraged to attend! You can bring learning group members. Good opportunity to get to know each other informally and visit Dolly’s community.

August 9, 2014: Decolonization Training
Location: San Joaquin River Parkway
Time: 9:00am
Note: Mandatory training! You are welcome to invite one of your learning group members.

August 30, 2014: Community Assessment & Cultural Inventory Report Due

Note: Due by 6:00 p.m.

*TBA: To be announced
**You must email Minerva or call the PVI office to confirm your participation at all the events.

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