4 thoughts on “Teej Celebration by women of India (Punjabi) In Livingstone CA.

  1. So colorful! I’ve had mehndi put on before. It’s really cool. I’ve heard that some punjabi girls take classes to learn how to do the mehndi designs. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing about the Teej Festvial. Two things came to my mind of this reading. Moonsoon season…even though this present natural disaster challenges for people of India they instead celebrate with food and music noting that many community sees nature as part our evolving planet. Secondly, the event embraces women’s role in society. Interesting to learn that India women have their own festival…not in my native country where the thinking is that men is above women (machismo). Let’s talk more about this on this weekend gathering!

    • this is beautiful. the love and honor that women learn in order to practice with their partners is honorable within itself. i appreciate that these women practice this on an ongoing basis and remind themselves to come together to celebrate their unconditional love and efforts.

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