11 thoughts on “Popular Education In Practice

  1. The story that you have shared with us Juan is very inspiring. It’s great to know that I have the opportunity to work with an inspiring and motivating individual such as yourself.

  2. I have a question Juan, what is the lady in the picture doing and what is on the big plate on the ground?

    If you or anyone else can answer this I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Thank you all for reading this note. I feel very fortunate to have the privilege to live such an exceptional experience. As La Fiesta del Pueblo unfolds I will keep you guys updated and will definitely request your company to celebrate this cultural and religious event.

    In response to your question Pov. The Zapoteco woman is toasting chili pepper (Chile) that would go into Mole. Let me tell the final product taste real better when is prepare like that….there, she is using firewood instead of gas and her daughter is observing too! she is learning from experience from the master (the lady). Good observation.

  4. Thank you Juan for sharing this inspiring and touching story. What I wonder is how was the message spread to the people in your community about planning this event? How did you motivate them? Thank you.

  5. Hello dear Juan I have couple of questions, 1). Is Zapoteco is the your Native language that you spesk or is it a Mexican tribe? 2). What does Marotas mean? Thanks again for sharing your wonderful story with Tamejavi Fellows!

  6. Hey juan, i was also wondering how you were able to get that many people from your community involved.How did you get the word out. I also like that the event is put on by the people themselves, organized by consensus.

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