The Hmong Culture Connection Working Team

Good morning Fellows,

I just want to share and asking you all if anyone have any other suggestions or reconmendations for my working team.  On Saturday 6/10/12 from 9:00-12:00, my working team met and report their culture assessment findings from the Hmong community.  We had 14 working team members show up for the meeting that day.  Our next meeting is 7/15/2012.  Majority of the working team members reported their outcome as follow:

1.  There is a major disconnection or generation gap between the young and old Hmong generation regarding culture issues

2.  There is a major disconnection and cultural gap between the Hmong culture and other none Hmong cultures

3.  The Working Team agreed to name themselves as “Hmong Culture Connection”.

Some of the ideas how to address these two issues were discussed:

1.  Hold a 1 to 2 hours workshop event to address some these issues

2. Come up with and culture preservation plan and use teachnology to connect the gabs between the Hmong generation gab and the Hmong culture to other cultures as well.

Please add any of your ideas, suggestions or recommendations and send it to me.  I was wonder is it your communty has similar culture issues and if you do, how do you address it?



2 thoughts on “The Hmong Culture Connection Working Team

  1. In the Cambodian community, we do have the same issue of gap between older and younger generation. The gap between the Cambodian community and non Cambodian community is more so among the elders. The ideas you have are great ideas. I think the only disadvantages in using technology would depend on if the community has access to these technology such as internet & computers and their capability of using the technology. In the Cambodian community, the elder generation are not as technology knowledgeable as the younger generation. They are currently doing a computer class so that elders can learn how to use the computers. We are currently showing the elders how the use of email and websites can help them reach out & connect with others.

  2. Dear Bee,
    I hope you are doing well. In Persian community we have the similar issue about the gap between the new generation of Persian community and the older generation. Our organization, Iranian Culture and Art Club of Fresno is trying to fix this issue by having Persian classes that have about 20 iranian students age of 6-16 years old taught by older generation age of 35-80 years old. We did have a Persian Languge celebration ( End of the year party) and many peaple showed up. The issue of the gap between two generation in our community is one the most concern issue but we are trying to teach our older generation to understand the new generation. Bee do you have any type of Hmong classes to teach the new generation about the Hmong language and culture? I think having langaugeclasses helps with the gap.

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