Tamejavi Heritage Gallery

There is very rich information to learn from the Tamejavi Heritage Gallery-Estela Galvan

The very first activity we did as part of our three day gathering was to observe different cultural and traditional artifacts of fellow participants. Some of this artifacts included petates and tenates representing the Zapoteco community from Oaxaca. Besides learning the meaning and significance that each of this artifacts for the community the fellows also had the opportunity to ask questions about the artifacts. This was beginning of a very exceptional gathering as part of our fellow learning through concepts such as Popular Education.

Dolly and Tahereh using art to understand community organizing

Dolly and Tahereh using art to understand community organizing


6 thoughts on “Tamejavi Heritage Gallery

  1. Yes, Juan. There is alot of good information. What I like the most is that this second gathering made me relized that this fellowship group is the ORIGINAL individual from the divers communities and we are all fortunated to get into this fellowship together to learn from on another. I am learning every moment and we had two great speakers that Pan Valley organized for us. I hope everyone have the similar experiences.

    Txawj Teeb (Bee) Yang

  2. Rich indeed. I think we should have more heritage gallery. I really love learning and seeing the things that are precious to each culture.

  3. Unfortunately I was didn’t make it to the first day of the gather so I missed out on what what discussed or presented. But I’m glad that I made it on the morning of Saturday in time to listen with the questions that were asked because the questions that were asked were very informative.

    I learned more about the other fellows artifacts that they brought to the share with us. For example the tenáte were mainly made by the women in the Zapoteco community that could be sold. But because of low demand for the tenåte it has become difficult for it to be sold.

  4. I really enjoyed Tamejavi Heritage Gallery. It was a great learning experiences for me.I learned so much about fellows artifacts. For example, I learned about Homng silver coin jewelery and how they use them in their special events. This 2nd Residential Gathering was wonderful and I learned more about the cultural organizing work.

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