A Hmong cultural Kitchen Opportunity for the month June 2012

Hello Tamejavi Fellowship Team Members,

I would like to offer a Hmong Cultural Kitchen hosted in my house for all.  Please let me know if anyone interested to learn how to make egg roll, purple sticky rice and other Hmong traditional food that is good for the Hmong elderly.  Please let me know by responding to this post or email to my other email  beey@csufresno.edu or call me.  Please let me know before June 10th, 2012.  If no body interested to sign up by the dateline, the event will be cancell. 

Thank you

Txawj Teeb (Bee) Yang


4 thoughts on “A Hmong cultural Kitchen Opportunity for the month June 2012

  1. Thank you for the invitation it would another opportunity to learn about your food and culture. Unfortunately I will not be able to participate because that weekend by daughter graduates from UCLA. But I hope I have another opportunity in another occasion to learn about your food.

  2. Thank you Bee for taking the initiative and hosting the Hmong Cultural Kitchen. I would love to participate. Set the date and time and I will arrange my schedule so that I can take part in it.

  3. Good afternoon everyone. So far I have three people responded to the Hmong Cultural Kitchen for the month of June. One person unable to attend and 2 are able to attend. I will hosted the Hmong Cultural Kitchen event on June 17th, 2012 from 10:00am to 12:00 noon because of summer heat so let’s do it in the morning. My address is 6489 N. De Wolf Ave Clovis CA. 93619. If you want to bring your dish to share is OK or if you just want to joint what I have will be fine, too. Everyone need to be on time at 10:00 am and we all can make our own egg role, watching the process of cooking sticky purple rices so you know to do yourself after this event and experiences many more Hmong traditional dishes that we will all cook and enjoy the food together. I am highly encourange all the fellowships members to come and join all of us. My cell phone number is 930-8073. Please call my cell to confirm so that I know how much of food to prepare for that day. Once again, the event day is JUNE 17TH FROM 10:AM-12:00 NOON. Please give me a call to confirm.


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