Let’s Row the Boat Together

A TCOFP working team’s role is not just to plan an event, but rather key community members that will work to reach a common vision in bringing about changes in the cultural and artistic life of a community. Recruiting the right people is vital but bringing them together doesn’t always go without some challenges. However, at the end of day knowing you have a working team that strives for a more vibrant, socially, and civically engaged community makes the journey worthwhile. Please share who are the members of your working team and any steps taken in order to reach the group’s vision


4 thoughts on “Let’s Row the Boat Together

  1. Por primera ves estoy participando en planear algo para la comunidad y es un poco dificil porque ya tenia identificado a las personas pero dos se arrepintieron pero le voy a echar ganas para seguir adelante.

  2. I will row the boat with you Estela and Silvia! Can someone translate when posts are made, i.e., Spanish to English and English to Spanish? I know that’s a lot, but is there anything we can do about this? Thanks!

  3. This is great Michelle! The following is what Silvia shared “It’s my first time participating in planning something for the community and it has been challenging. The reason being is that I had my working team members identified but two of them dropped out but I going to do the best I can to move forward.”

  4. My team is small but their dedication, continue commitment and support gives power in allowing us to continue to move on forward. I had started in beginning with six team members. And now, I have five. One member had to drop out because she had found a job in Sacramento in Social Work.

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