Community Visits

I want to express my most sincere appreciation for your time and hospitality during the visit Estela and I made during the month of February. The community visits were an amazing experience for me. I really enjoyed the opportunity of traveling around the world in one place, in one week and without taking a plane. We visited a Sikh Temple in Livingstone, a new café in Merced, a remate in Madera, a Buddhist Temple in Fresno, the Asian Village, and CAFÉ also in Fresno, and some of you let us into your homes.  Thank you also for the food, we eat delicious Indian food, tacos and aguas frescas, sipped Persian tea, and closed the visits with an amazing pozole.

I think we can all agree that one of the beauties of this grandiose Central Valley is the cultural diversity. The fact that people from around the world is working to build a sense of place and belonging to this region and this country. At the same time, we also need to be aware that this cultural diversity presents significant social, cultural and political challenges. These challenges is what Tamejavi fellowship aims to address with the ultimate goal that these diverse communities find common ground to work together toward building politically strong and culturally vibrant communities.

I am very pleased to learn that you all are following through with your commitment to the fellowship. Most of you have already a Working Team and are getting ready to have the first meeting with your team, plus are moving toward the next step, which consist in the community assesment and cultural profile. Congratulations to all who have by this time met with their working team members, and are getting ready to work on the community assesment. You all share with us what have you learn so far and how much you value the fellowship opportunity. Lastly I am glad to share that you all reiterated your interest and commitment to continue on with the program. I also want to thank you

I also want to thank you for your honesty acknowledging the fact that you need to dedicate more time to the program. Some of you have limited your participation in the program to basically attending the meeting. Some of you shared the challenges of allocating time to the fellowship, yet acknowledged and committed to include this program in the list of your top priorities. Remember that the time issue was discussed with you since the interview and you all agree to find time for participating in this unique program.

Thank you again, I am very excited about your work and looking forward to continue with you in this learning journey.

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